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Welcome to BioLynceus®, the leading provider of microbial solutions for the agriculture industry.

Our innovative products harness the power of beneficial microbes to enhance soil health, increase crop yields, and promote sustainable farming practices. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for environmental stewardship, we are dedicated to helping the farming industry, agronomists, and growers achieve their goals while minimizing the impact on the planet. Discover the transformative potential of our agricultural products and join us in cultivating a greener, healthier future. Choose BioLynceus® for all your microbial needs and experience the difference firsthand.

Below is a list of BioLynceus® Agricultural Tech Sheets. 

* Products are listed in column 1 (Bioflora variants) 

* Please refer to column 2 for each product use (nutrient uptake, fertilization,  etc.).

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Products Recommended Usage Downloadable PDF Tech Sheet
BioFlora® 12-5-3(formerly TurfMaster® Moderately rapid nitrogen releasing product Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 0-0-25 High-purity plant potassium that is a more effective and sustainable input for agriculture Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 0-15-15 Contains a blend of nutrients designed for ground and foliar applications Downloadable PDF
BioFlora®4-9-4 Contains a bio-organic blend of nutrients designed for a steady but more rapid nitrogen release Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 5-3-2 Humic acid contains essential components for soil ecology and plant life Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 5-17-4 Rich in carbon which increases microbial activity in the soil. Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 6-0-0 Highly soluble source of mineral nitrogen that is very effective at delivering usable nitrogen to plants Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® 8-8-8 Nutrient formulation for agricultural field and row crops, trees, and vines Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Chicken Nuggets 3-4-2 Dry granular fertilizer, formulated to provide an excellent source of high-quality organic nutrients for all types of plants Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Dry Crumbles 6-6-5 Designed for both pre-planting and continued fertilization throughout the growing season. excellent source of high-quality organic nutrients for all types of plants Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® DynaMega 2-1-1 Liquid fertilizer Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® FishOMega Liquid fertilizer Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Fulmega 1% Magnesium Liquid magnesium Fertilizer Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Fulvex® Opens soil structure, carries nutrients into plant Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Go Green Reduces sodium contamination in soil Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Humega Increases carbon in soil Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Iron 4 Liquid iron, 4% Iron Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Manganese Fertilizer – Improve crop production Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Manganese 4% Fertilizer – Higher concentration than Manganese Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Potassium Liquid Potassium Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Seaweed Crème Increases root zone development Downloadable PDF
BioFlora® Zinc Liquid Zinc Downloadable PDF