Class Reviews

Rick Allen has been involved in the environmental business for over twenty-five years.  As the published author of “Critical Issues for Water & Wastewater Professionals” Rick provides his experience and knowledge to groups and organizations around the country. Rick provides consulting on a variety of topics including probiotic solutions and microbial solutions for water and wastewater treatment as well as Soil Remediation. As the Founder and EO of BioLynceus, Rick is invested in helping municipalities and industries find solutions for treating many of today’s wastewater challenges and soil revegetation. 

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“Rick’s class was extremely informative. I highly recommend this class to everyone in the water and wastewater industry.”

Mark Court

Wastewater Training Specialist, Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems

“Rick Allen is a very dynamic speaker. Rick provides valuable advice and working solutions to complex wastewater treatment issues.”

Robert Pennington

Project Engineer and ORC, The Mahogany Research Facility

“Rick’s ability to combine his vast experience with comedy in his pretreatment class was very received. On the behalf of Tri-State Seminar, we thank Rick for his memorable presentation.” 

Nicole Greene

Program Coordinator, Tri-State Seminar