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Review for Probiotic Scrubber II

“Sugar company in ND has been my client since 2015. They have seen many benefits from using ProBiotic Scrubber II in their 7-Million-gallon anaerobic digester.” 

The above is a statement from Mark Sembach. Since 2004, Mark has provided his services, as an Environmental Sales Consultant, for BioLynceus, LLC®. 

Mark Sembach specializes in environmental remediation using microbiology in water and soil environments. He graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Forest Resource Management, Environmental Law and Fire Management.

Please read on for his product review on BioLynceus Probiotic Scrubber II®.

Mark goes on to state:

Below is a list of some of the benefits they have seen:

    1. COD reduction optimization
    2. Increased methane production to run their sugar dryers
    3. Improved quality of methane produced
    4. Upset recovery – multiple times
    5. Anaerobic Digester Start-up (Their anaerobic digester has had multiple maintenance challenges and upgrades over the years. When this happens all the sludge in the digester must be emptied out completely.  Before using ProBiotic Scrubber II, they would haul activated sludge from one of their other facilities at a cost of around $70,000. Instead of hauling sludge the operator has used PBII for digester start-up 5 times. It takes about 330 gallons of PBII to get his anaerobic digester reactivated. Average Cost per tote is approximately $14,850.00. Therefore:
PBII Product Cost: 5 totes x 14,850.00 = $74,250.00
Projected ACS Hauling Cost if not using PBII:  5 x $70,000.00 = $350,000.00
Approximate Project Haul Savings: $350,000.00 – $74,250.00 =$276,750.00

Due to the improved PBII wastewater processing and introducing the cell with “sulfur eating bacteria” (in the PBII), ACS has not had to run aeration in a 15.5-acre lagoon. This lagoon has 15, 25hp motors that ran 24/7/365. ACS pays $0.0451/kWh. Each 25 hp motor uses 18.65kW per hour; at a cost of $0.8411 per hour. Therefore, each aeration motor cost to operate for 24 hours is:

    1. $0.8411 x 24 hours = $20.19/day
    2. $20.19 x 15 per aeration motor x 15 motors = $302.85 per day to run aeration on Pond 6
    3. $302.85 x 365 days = $110,540.25 per year
    4. They have not been running aeration in Pond 6 for at least 4 years: 4 years x $110,540.25 = $442,161.00
    5. Estimated Total Savings:
    6. $276,750.00 + $442,161.00 – $499, 571.00 = $219,340.00 MINIMUM SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, there are other ways we are saving them money. One example is not having to purchase as much coal to dry the sugar due to the increased production and better-quality methane using PBII produces. Unfortunately, we cannot monetize those savings at this time. WE SAVE CLIENTS MONEY!!! Call me if you have any questions.

Mark Sembach
Senior Environmental Consultant
619-347-5179 Mobile
[email protected]  Email


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