Welcome to BioLynceus®, the forefront provider of microbial solutions tailored for wastewater treatment. Our advanced products employ the potency of beneficial microbes to revitalize water conditions, contribute to environmental restoration, and advocate for sustainable wastewater treatment practices. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound passion for ecological responsibility, we are devoted to supporting industries, collaborating with environmental scientists, and assisting wastewater managers in achieving their objectives while minimizing the environmental footprint.

In the realm of wastewater treatment, BioLynceus® plays a pivotal role in harnessing the transformative capabilities of our state-of-the-art products. By choosing our solutions, you align yourself with a commitment to championing sustainable practices, ensuring responsible management of wastewater resources for the benefit of both the environment and society.

Discover the potential of our wastewater treatment products and join us in fostering a cleaner, more resilient future. Whether you are an industry professional, an environmental scientist, or a wastewater manager, BioLynceus® is your trusted partner in achieving goals that prioritize both immediate objectives and the broader ecological well-being.

Opt for BioLynceus® for all your microbial needs and witness firsthand the tangible impact our products can have for your needs. Experience the difference that dedication to excellence and ecological responsibility can make in creating a sustainable and thriving environment for future generations.


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Below is a list of BioLynceus® Wastewater Tech Sheets.  Products are listed in column 1 (Probiotic Scrubber variants and Candy Carbon)  Please refer to column 2 for each product use (FOG, improve nitrification, F:M Ratio, etc.). Column 3 provides a link to the product Tech Sheet. Column 4 provides links to purchase the product.

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Products Recommended Usage Downloadable PDF Tech Sheet
Candy Carbon Improved F:M ratio, Organic carbon source for increased denitrification Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® I Reduction of Solids, FOG, BOD, TSS balances F:M ratio Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® II Reduce Solids, FOG, BOD, TSS balances F:M ratio (Probiotic Scrubber I with higher diversity of bacteria) Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® HCC Reduce petroleum hydrocarbons Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® N Improve nitrification Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® NN Improve nitrification (Probiotic Scrubber I with additional nitrifying ability) Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® OCC Reduction of BOD, TSS, H2S and FOG Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® OO Odor control Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® PAO Reduce phosphorus Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® P Reduce FOG Downloadable PDF
Probiotic Scrubber® PP
Reduce FOG (Probiotic Scrubber P with more FOG reduction ability Downloadable PDF