Combined Sanitary Sewer

Summary at a Glance

Project Location: Sarasota, FL
Plant Type: Bardenpho
Project Installed: August , 2006
Plant Size: 7.50 MGD
Performance Summary:
90% Reduction in FOG-related SSO Events

BioLynceus, drastically accelerates the natural degradation of fats,
oil and grease (FOG) in the collection system, thereby removing
blockages and occlusions from the pipe and significantly reducing the
occurrence of FOG-related sewer overflows, as well as the requisite equipment and manpower required for the physical removal of
these blockages.

Since BioLynceus started treating the City of Sarasota’s collection system, the City has recorded a 90% reduction in FOG-related SSO events. In-Pipe records the condition of the lift stations that are covered by treatment and routinely assesses performance to insure adequate treatment of the entire system.

These are video images from a sewer survey done by the City of Sarasota demonstrating the reduction in FOG over time. Please visit our website to view the complete video

Initial Conditions 05/22/2009

After 8 Months of In-Pipe Treatment 01/22/2010

After 15 months of In-Pipe Treatment 08/22/2010

Crown Point CSO Reduction
At the City of Crown Point, which manages a combined sewer system, BioLynceus reduced total annual CSO volume by 88% compared to the
year prior to BioLynceus. See Figures below, the green line represents
the approximate start date of the BioLynceus program.

Crown Point, IN Lift Station Prior to IPT Treatment

Crown Point, IN Lift Station With IPT Treatment

BioLynceus clients also report reduced frequency of required collection system cleanings/vacuuming at problematic locations following BioLynceus treatment.

Federal and state regulators have renewed their focus on minimizing CSO and SSO events through stricter reporting requirements and heavier fines. Implemented as a part of a municipality’s SWPP (Source Water Protection Program) In-Pipe service will aid in protecting the public health.

Service Offering

BioLynceus provides engineered wastewater treatment services to municipalities and industries worldwide. BioLynceus engineers a
solution for each customer based on a full system review and
includes turnkey installation, service and maintenance.

Unmatched Expertise

  • Process Engineering
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Optimization
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Project Management
  • Control Systems (SCADA) Programming and Remote Monitoring
  • Microbial Production

Proven Improvements

  • Reduce Influent Loading
    • TSS 30%
    • BOD 50%
    • Ammonia 50%
  • Total Nitrogen 30%
  • Reduce Sludge Disposal 50%
  • Reduce Energy Consumption 30% to 60% (KwH)
  • Control H2S Odor & Corrosion
  • Control Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG)
  • Increase Plant Capacity