BioLynceus Candy Carbon 
Liquid Carbon Source for improving wastewater stream denitrification

Carbon is required by biological nutrient removal (BNR) microorganism, but it is usually insufficient in the influent of many wastewater treatment plants.

Candy Carbon is a bio-available liquid form of organic carbon.  The non-chemical product provides richness in readily available carbon for denitrifying organisms.  Candy Carbon is an external source of carbon and is not sourced from other originating waste programs.  The organic nature of Candy Carbon will add the critical elements needed to the wastewater treatment, but does not have any of the side-effects found in other solutions.

Many of the solutions found in wastewater treatment programs are utilized to increase VFA’s to improve the efficacy of the food to microbe ratio.   Candy Carbon has been lab tested for VFA’s. This product has an established count of over 65k VFA’s making it a highly value added program for wastewater streams needing to increase their VFA’s.

Additionally, site specific uses demonstrate the Candy Carbon does not have any negative side-effects to Ph, microbial populations, chemistry and effluent.  Demonstrative site use indicates the overall improvement in the wastewater treatment processes for improvement of ammonia removal helping POTW’s meet regulatory limits more efficiently.