For 25 years, BioLynceus has delivered innovative natural solutions for Water*Soil*Plants.  Our success is built on our promise to provide you custom solutions that lead to your success.  

A promise we plan to deliver for the next 25 years.

We Listen 

Contact us with your environmental challenges in Water*Soil*Plants.

Wastewater Plant - Lagoons -  Solids - FOG - BNR - F:M - Liquid Organic Carbon - Remediation - Odors - Soil health or contamination - Plant production 

Anything you need our experts to listen to for solutions.

We are here to Listen.

Our Team custom develops your solutions 

We work with you to find all the details & facts so our Frog Squad can develop a customized solution for your individualized needs.  

Our solutions are developed to lead you to success.

 Your Success is our business.

We work with you to implement 

Receive personalized direction with delivery and implementation of solutions we provide you. 

We are here to answer your questions and make your implementation simple and successful.

Doing the right implementation matters.

We coach your journey 

Our team supports your journey to success through check ins, tweaking solutions or providing support you need.  Our investment in your success means we are always available to answer your need. 

We invest in your success.

Our Team celebrates your success 

Your success is our goal and we love celebrating with you when you achieve your objective!  Being a natural environmental service we are always excited when your results also improve the environment.  

Frog Friendly results for our environment.

Contact the Frog Squad at:

BioLynceus             970-586-3391

PO Box 1499  Estes Park, CO 80517

255 Park Lane Suite 204  Estes Park, CO 80517