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Credentials as a Speaker

For over two decades, Rick has been presenting technical training to associations around the country. Rick has spoken to both regional organizations and businesses. Some of his audiences include:

DropWater Conservancy Groups

DropSanitation Districts & Waste Water Specialists

DropMunicipal & Utility Management Professionals

DropRegional & National Water Environment & Rural Water        Associations

DropVocational and Community College Credentialed         Programs

DropEngineering & Contract Operator Professionals

DropWeed Management Professionals

DropLandscaping & Maintenance Associations

DropSports Turf Management Professionals

DropParks and Recreation Professionals

DropGrowers Associations & Organic Associations

DropTurf Growers

Fresh Water Programs:

Improvement of Water Clarity that supports the natural environment to address issues of algae and duckweed.

Improvement of Sludge Layers and Organic Material Build -Up in Ponds & Lakes

Treatment for Reclaimed and Effluent Water in Ponds and Lakes

Wastewater Programs:

Treatment of Collection Systems to Reduce FOG and H2S

Treatment of Wastewater Lagoons for Sludge Mitigation

Improvement of Bio-Solids and Wasting Processes in Mechanical Plants

Pretreatment Solutions for Nutrient Loading

Industrial Programs:

Treatment of H2S in Collection Systems

Treatment of BOD in Food Processing Wastewater

Treatment of Hydro-Carbon and Contaminates

Reclamation and Remediation Programs:

Soil Rejuvenation in Mining and Deteriorated Soils

Reclamation of Contaminated Soils from Hydro-Carbon and Other Caustic Materials

Reclamation of Industrial Wastewater Streams and Ponds found in Industrial and Mining Sites




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