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BioLynceus® has discovered ways to improve the degradation soils, whether contaminated from chemicals or overuse. Damaged soils require products that buffer the chemicals to prevent die-out of the indigenous microbes. This buffering action allows the indigenous microbes to adjust to the chemical matter. Introduction of natural biology can then use chemicals for a food source and degrade it to harmless compounds thereby reducing the contamination.

BioLynceus® uses microbial activators that speed up the digestive process to a more efficient level. This biological enhancement supports the microbial food web to degrade the carbonaceous materials more efficiently.

BioLynceus® utilizes organic-based nutrients that support the most efficient biological degradation. The ultimate goal of soil bioremediation is complete breakdown of chemicals to carbon dioxide, water and humus, while replenishing the beneficial soil biology.

Whether the soils are degraded from over-use of chemicals, spillage of carbon fuels or overuse from mining, BioLynceus® provides biologically beneficial products to remediate and replenish soils.

Natural Bio-Organics for Remediating Soils


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BioLynceus® provides the natural solution for soil health

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