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Keeping the health of your septic system in balance and working efficiently is key to preventing costly repairs and replacement costs.

Myth: Septic Systems just work without maintenance

Fact: When the balance of the system is working properly, Septic Systems do "just work." Unfortunately, today heavy anti-bacterial detergents, soaps and chemicals are dumped into the average user's septic system daily. Anti-bacterial chemicals deteriorate the activity of digestive enzymes in the septic system. Treating the septic system bio-organically will assure the activity of the digestive enzymes have plenty of food to maintain the health of the system to continue to work efficiently.Will digest fats, grease and oils that accumulate in your system and turns them into carbon dioxide and water.

BioLynceus®' Environmental Solutions will re-inoculate your existing septic system and repopulate the activity of the digestive enzymes.

Biological Septic Tank and Leach Field Treatment bio-degrade fats, oils and grease that accumulate in the septic system. Using septic system safe bio-organics will assure your system is flowing free of clogs and systemic build-up equipment. Leach fields and septic systems should be treated at the same time to improve the efficiency in the whole environment.

Using pro-biotic solutions to enhance septic tank digestion helps to

digest organic waste, fats, oils & grease
counter-act - buffer the effects of harmful chemicals
eliminate starches and proteins
replenish the beneficial digestive enzymes
remove sludge and septic tank build-up and odors
reduces the need for expensive pumping and


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Bio-Organic Treatments for Septic Tanks & Leach Fields

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Grease Treatment Information- Print



Drop ImageHarmful Effects of Ineffective Septic Systems
...Septic waste can be a source for food for algae in local lakes and ponds, producing excessive algae, fecal chloroform and reduced available oxygen for the natural balance of plants and aquatic life. Local lakes and ponds can be negatively impacted by faulty septic systems.

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Charge your new system with the right digestive enzymes. No system is complete without the bio-inoculation of microbial to stimulate the activity of the septic system

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Our live microbial comes in consumer size containers. Adding just one quart per month will keep your septic system alive and healthy. Our microbial is available through our sales force or by contacting BioLynceus