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BioLynceus®' Environmental Solutions save money by improving plant health and reducing plant management costs.

Soil & Plant Enhancement
Saves water by improving water penetration and root
         zone development
Increases speed of breakdown of biodegradable
        chemicals in soil
Improves digestion of thatch layer
Creates a safer, less polluted environment
Reduces the need for fungicides and herbicides
Reduces weed pressure due to improved nutrient
        balance, reduction of anaerobic black layer, and
        improved oxygen-carbon dioxide levels in the soil

Plant Health & Growth
Root Zone Development
Uptake of Available Nutrients

Water Consumption
Fertilizer Usage
Soil Compaction

Recommended Soil Application

Apply 1 to 2 Quarts per 1000 sq. ft. (depending on the soil conditions). Clay and compacted soils may require heavier application rates. Apply in early spring and throughout the season to maximize soil restoration and root development. Apply 3 to 5 times per year during growing season to improve the growth of turf and landscaping.

BioLynceus® provides on-site consulting services for your projects. Please call us to establish a time for our specialist to visit with you about your agriculture, turf, and water or soil remediation.



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