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1. Can I get all of my fertilizers and soil amendments organically?

Yes, you can begin implementing an organic program using the BioLynceus® Environmental Solutions product line. We carry both organic and certified organic materials. Switching over to a more organic solution for your lawn can be done using our products.

2. How does BioLynceus®' Environmental Solutions' program work?

BioLynceus® uses a proprietary blend of liquid soil amendments to restore the health and balance of the soil. As the soil is restored to a natural balance, reserves of nutrients in the soil become available to the plant. Macro and naturally occurring micro nutrients become available in the root zone, thereby restoring the plant health.

3. Will I need to continue to use my traditional fertilizers?

BioLynceus® recommends a reduction of 10% to 25% of the fertilizers in the first year of the program. By year two of using the program, a 20% reduction should be considered. While over fertilizing the soils does not contribute to the plant health, some supplementation should be considered.

4. Are the ingredients in your products harmful to either aquifers or the watershed?

Unlike chemicals, the organic products restore the health of the soil and any leaching is beneficial to the environment. Our products do not leave any contaminants in the soil and do not pollute the water system.

5. How will I know the products are working?

Before the program is implemented, it is advisable to take both a soil sample and a root zone core sample and conduct a soil compaction test. The soil data will provide a benchmark that can be re-evaluated as the program is implemented and utilized over a longer period of time. There will not be an immediate "greening-up" like most nitrogen based fertilizers. Over time the health of the plant, the root zone and the landscape will have improved health that can be traced through the data collected early in the set-up of the program. We recommend follow-up sampling tests to continue to measure and monitor the changes in the landscaping.

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