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Humic Acid is a sequestering compound and as such, it is able to break the bond of sodium and magnesium with clay particles in heavy soils. Thus it reduces the tightness and compaction of the soil, enabling it to be more easily tilled. The resultant open friable soil sustains better water movement through it and increases the aeration of the soil. This produces better root structure in plants, which in turn are more capable of resisting drought.

Humic Acid for Tied-up Nutrients

Phosphorus is essential to the early growth of plants. Calcium is important for the formation of plant cell walls and helps the plant develop disease resistance. Iron is essential in the production of chlorophyll.

Formation of iron phosphate and calcium phosphate in the soil does occur in highly alkaline soils, sandy soils and soils where heavy rainfall occurs. Iron phosphate and calcium phosphates are insoluble and thus unavailable for the plant nutrition. Humic acid is capable of breaking the bond between phosphorus, iron and calcium in soil. Once the chemical bond is broken, the phosphorus, iron and calcium all become more available to the plant

Seed Germination

Humic Acid stimulates seed germination and initial growth. A good deal of research has gone into this area because of the ever-increasing usage of pre-germinated seeds and fluid gel seeding. Rates as low as 0.01% cause seeds to germinate eight to ten days sooner, producing a stronger seedling, that better resists insects and disease attacks.

Improvement of Biological Action in the Soil

Humic fractions act to effect biological stimulation of growth in that they serve as substrates for microorganisms. This stimulatory action has been observed with the beneficial soil microorganisms such as actinomycetes, algae, azotobacter, rhizobium and micorrhizae. All of these organisms work with the plant root to make nutrients more available to the plant. Humic Acid is capable of increasing this activity by providing carbon to these organisms.

Fertilizer and Micronutrient Enhancement

Since humic substances are polyelectrolyes and macro-ionic in nature, they tend to increase the osmotic process. This increase in ion exchange capability leads to a greater uptake of nutrients into the plant root and through the cell membrane.

Humic substances promote the conversion of mineral elements into forms available to plants. An example of this is the ability of humic acid to break the bond between the phosphate ion and the iron ion in acid soils or the calcium ion and iron ion in alkaline soils. By breaking this bond the elements become available to the plant. Humic Acid increases zinc uptake and increases the movement of both calcium and magnesium in the soil.

Our proprietary humic acid solution is a unique blend of Humic Acids and Enzymes derived from our proprietary processes. We provide a variety of complex nutrient based mixes to assure the right blend of essential nutrients and micronutrients are available.

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Benefits of using BioLynceus®' Proprietary Humic Acid Blends

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