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Our Commitment

BioLynceus® Environmental Solutions inspires to be the recognized leader in environmentally sustainable solutions globally by providing education, services and products.

BioLynceus®, formerly Biological Solutions, LLC specializes in environmental enhancement reclamation, and bio-remediation. Our products and application systems can improve environments efficiently and result in a long-term solutions.

BioLynceus® provides consulting and environmental solutions for: remediation of soils, water and waste water for corporations, governmental agencies and private businesses, growth systems for turf, sustainable and organic agriculture, and weed mitigation for private and governmental agencies.

In 2003, BioLynceus® expanded services and education to support non-profit agencies and associations.


BioLynceus® was formed in 1994 in Arizona. The company relocated to Colorado in 1997 as Biological Solutions and now resides outside of Estes Park, Colorado. In 2004, BioLynceus® became the new brand concept to distinguish our company from other competitors and corporate entities.

While BioLynceus® is located in Colorado, the corporation has business territories located in throughout the United States, including Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, to name a few.

Our corporation is dedicated to:

providing environmentally sustainable solutions for a
         healthy environment

BioLynceus® actively contributes to the actions and activities of earth friendly communities, associations and non-profit organizations.


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BioLynceus® provides Biological & Environmental Solutions

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BioLynceus, Biological Solutions distributes products throughout the continental U.S. Some distribution is available in foreign countries, but is not expressly stated, as the rules and regulation around distribution of some products are excluded depending on the international regulations and approvals required. Contact our Sales & Product Team for information related to distribution.