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Mark Sembach, Environmental Sales

Working with many BioLynceus® customers and specializing in soil and water issues, Mark solves a variety of environmental problems including problems with concentrated animal lagoons, human waste water management, oil waste water remediation, fresh water remediation, agriculture and sports turf management. Furthermore, Mark has been with BioLynceus® since 2004.

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Herb Fancher, Territory Manager

My name is Genevieve Clayton. I’m your solution provider for non-chemical, biological solutions! I have a expertise in evaluating your situation, finding the right solution, and supporting your system for the life of your program. I have a passion for bettering your environment.

BioLynceus® professionals provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to water environment professionals looking for environmentally friendly strategies.

I look forward to working with your organization to find Frog Friendly and Frog Approved programs to help your system!

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Water & Soil

Contractors for this division will concentrate their efforts in the fields of reclamation and remediation. Sales contractors will work with both industry and government to provide solutions to their environmental situations.

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The contractors for this division will work with all areas of Turf Management including, but not limited to, golf courses, municipal parks and recreation departments, city street scapes, sports parks of all kinds, and school districts.

drop imageAgriculture

The contractors for this division will work with Conventional and Organic growers to supply them with products and services designed to help them increase yields, improve soils, save water, and improve the quality of finished crops.